Rapha Winter Jersey Jerseys

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The 2010 Winter Jersey has been developed to keep you cycling through the worst winter conditions. Made from a heavy duty merino-blend, the jersey features windproof panels, a reworked pocket layout and reflective materials for greater visibility.

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Old Guys who get Fat in Winter / Jersey

Searched the InterWeb came up with Nada , anyone know where one could purchase this Jersey [URL]http://i399.photobucket.com/albums/pp76/Hubmanx/FatGuyJersey-1_zps7659bd33.gif[/URL] Side ? I cannot upload a photo directly and attatch to my message , thought at first might be a size thing but this ... Read More »

Jacket or LS Jersey for Winter

I am torn between getting a nice light jacket or a nice LS jersey for winter riding. I feel a jacket is more versatile as you can take it off, probably better for rain also. What do you prefer and why?Read More »

Winter Windblocking Jersey/Tights

I live in the DC area and would like to ride more in the winter. I have the usual winter stuff (tights, baselayers, warmer jerseys) but I have not found really good windblocking jerseys and tights. I see riders out there who don't have jackets on but rather have pretty form-fitting jerseys. When ... Read More »

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