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Celebrate the favorite snack of Sam-I-Am in the Green Eggs and Ham Jersey. This iconic logo originally appeared on the 1960 Dr. Seuss classic and is now immortalized on Retro Jerseys' technical Fast Dry Ultra fabric. This lightweight material provides excellent moisture wicking and uses antimicrobial finish to resist odors and reduce germs. Features include elastic waist and cuffs a 19 hidden pro zipper three rear pockets and an elastic waist band. The precise sublimation process creates beautiful visual art and beautiful long lasting colors.

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I don’t like green eggs and ham

I don’t like Wiggo’s lamb chops, he should quit cycling and devote himself to playing Sherlock Holmes. I don’t like Contador’s lisp I don’t like the Shlecks sense of entitlement, after that last uninspired interview Franks future is clear, grow a beer gut and be come a Big Liboski/Roy Munson ... Read More »

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