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Sugoi Hans Jersey Semi-relaxed fit and casual style for off-road and off-bike versatility Finished without elastic at hem and sleeve 10 inch front locking zip keeps tab in place Invisible back zip pocket ...

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Stopped by to see Hans

On my way home from HOU to DFW. Always a great rambling conversation about various cool bikes, the bike biz, carbon breaking, etc, punctuated with great stories. I snapped a few pix. Tools for making bikes: [img][/img] This one' ... Read More »

Happy sankt hans kvelden

Of course we didn't have a 100ft tall bonfire up the street, but a great time was had by all--- whatever it was we celebrated.Read More »

Hans Schneider bikes

post yours. here's mine Columbus Neuron tubing with SS chainstay 9-speed Dura-Ace (for now) Salsa 14 stem with titanium bolts Deda 215 bars 32 x 3X Open 4 CD rims, Pro Race tires 2nd set - Dura Ace 28 spoke 2X with CXP 33's Concor Lite saddle 19 lbs. [url] ... Read More »

OK, anyone see the marble-bagger with Hans Rey?

Yesterday on the pre-race program -got to say I almost choked over my supper when I watched that (and was that girl his girlfriend? I wasn't sure!). I just can't imagine seeing that sight in the USA -and I thought the quick drags off the cigarette topped off the picture nicely. On a more seriou ... Read More »

Hans und Franz are alive and well and living in Japan

[url][/url] Click on the gurl on the bike near the top of the page...[IMG][/IMG]Read More »

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