Twin Six Love Crank Jerseys

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Chain lube streamlines your drive train, just like the Twin Six Love Crank Short Sleeve T-Shirt will streamline your wardrobe. Don't be fooled, play-on-words never went out of style, and when accompanied by cycling iconography, they create a statement piece for that post-ride beer or trip to the bike shop.

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Campy square taper crank love?

Nashbar has aluminum Record cranks for $110 and Chorus for $100. Not bad for those that think large spindle cranks are the work of the marketing department (allied with the devil). :p :cryin: [url] ... Read More »

Crank Brothers I love thee...

Crank Brothers, makers of the Eggbeaters, Candies, Quattros, and multi-tools has got to be my most loved company. Let me count the ways: 1. Your egg beater kick butt at mud shedding for mtn bike racing. 2. Your Candy Pedals kick butt for cyclocross racing for shedding mud while still having a nic ... Read More »

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