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World Jerseys offers one ofThe broadest and most comprehensiveselections of printed jerseys availableToday. With great graphics andattractive designs,They are sureTo please. All World Jerseys are constructed of a "Euro-Mesh" polyester fabric with excellent moisture wicking properties Antimicrobial finish helps resist odors Elastic waist and cuffs Hidden, 19" zipper 3 rear pockets

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Alice Cooper - Black Widow

Can someone explain why AC speaks of the Black Widow as male instead of female? There has to be some deeper reason other than a glaring oversight/ignorance on AC's part.Read More »

Black Widow Hot Sauce

So, there I was, eating a chicken taco and minding my own business. I causally mentioned to the waiter that I would like some hot sauce. He brought me this stuff, and did not offer any advisory. Be the total knob that I am I didn't check the label. For if I did I would have seen the warning that ... Read More »





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