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World Jerseys offers one ofThe broadest and most comprehensiveselections of printed jerseys availableToday. With great graphics andattractive designs,They are sureTo please. All World Jerseys are constructed of a "Euro-Mesh" polyester fabric with excellent moisture wicking properties Antimicrobial finish helps resist odors Elastic waist and cuffs Hidden, 19" zipper 3 rear pockets

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Womens Flanders race

So I saw Liz Hatch post on twitter about them not showing the finish of the womens race while the men were just cruising along. Pretty typical post for her complaining about womens racing not getting any coverage. Honestly though, with Marianne Vos in the race, it is completely predictable these d ... Read More »

Is there any way to watch a taped version of Flanders in English?

I just logged on to steephill, which is showing it live, but I would to see the whole thing not just the last 30kRead More »

Flanders....who's your pick

Can't believe it has gone this long without a thread. Who is going to take it. I see it as a show down between Sagan and Cancellara for bragging rights. I will tip it to Cancellara, but the feud does leave the door open for someone like Hushovd, Haussler, Chavanel, Fletcha or Pozzato to sneak in. ... Read More »

Will NBC Sports carry The Tour of Flanders this year?

It seems that every year that Versus/NBC Sports plays a game of chicken with the Tour of Flanders? They seem to add it to their tv schedule at the last moment. Is NBC Sports going to cover the Tour of Flanders this year? And if not, WHY????????????????????Read More »

The Lion of Flanders...

talking sense, always been my favorite rider. [url][/url]Read More »

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