Zero Rh + Up & Down S/S Women's Jerseys

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Zero RH + Up & Down Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Women's(0xa5877c80)

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What's up with Mike's Bikes?

I check the Mike's Bikes website from time to time to see all the Spesh bikes I can't afford. Last week all the prices jumped back up to msrp, even on 3 year old bikes. Today I looked and all the Spesh bikes have lower prices than msrp but even the 2015 models are marked as closeouts. Anyone have a ... Read More »

anyone pick up any stock market bargains?

I was shaking out the couch cushions. There were some pretty good deals on energy partnerships. It pays to keep some cash on hand. Linn Energy is still a screaming bargain even after the run up.Read More »

A nice write-up on the problems with our "safety net"

First, I think we should have a safety net. I agree with the statement "we are a wealthy nation, we can and should afford to help those who need help." It's the details, the execution of the wish, that cause the problems. Most of this won't be news to any PO regulars. Some of it might. Enjoy ... Read More »

If you could only have one tubular glued up for a full season racing...

I know that I have seen these discussions online before, but I am having trouble finding them or a summary of the results. The backstory to why I am asking: I only have one set of tubular wheels and I have Vittoria Cross Evo glued up. (These are the standard Griffo tread pattern). I raced in t ... Read More »

Speeding up recovery?

So this summer i've BARELY gotten to ride at all because of work, travel and laziness, so I am in very, very poor form. Even so, and testing the limits of just how dumb i can be, i let myself get talked into doing a metric century yesterday. Nothing too extreme, mostly flat with a 9km climb and anot ... Read More »

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