Assos Shoe Covers Mille Shoe Covers

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While we've always admired the simplicity and quality of over-sock-style shoe covers, Assos just made them far more interesting. For the new design, Assos took aesthetic cues from its Mille line and applied them to a utilitarian form of chilly-day foot protection. The result is the shoeCover Mille -- an external protection layer that hews the rough edges from the very concept of shoe covers.These lightweight covers do what most over-socks can't -- provide both a light insulation and a light wind barrier. This has been achieved with a stretchy, Cordura-like material that also ensures a perfect fit and long-lasting durability. The bottom of the covers have a straight-line cutting guide, so you can create a simple cleat hole that'll work perfectly with your pedal system, regardless of your preference.The Assos shoeCover Mille is available in the colors Black or White with the word 'Campionissimo' embroidered on the side. The cover also comes in Size 0 (35-38), Size I (38-42), and Size II (43-46).

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