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Why wear Shoe Covers? We think of it this way: We love riding on the worst roads we can find. Chip and seal, jeep roads, the Belgian-like kinderkopt only a county or two away makes us fantasize about the glory of the Spring Classics all day long -- we can't get enough of it. But what it does to our shoes isn't pretty, not in the least. And with retail prices of shoes cracking the $400 barrier, it's a bit unnerving to have the dirt and the dust and the gravel flying around making our beloved leather look like hell. And not to mention, when tiny airborne stones wiggle their way into our shoes mid-race we obsess on the discomfort to a truly unhealthy extent.Hence the Assos Shoe Covers. They serve two simple purposes: (1) Keep your shoes stylish even after a long day in the saddle. (2) Keep debris from wedging into your shoes. The fabric is thick, like a really heavy cotton. Does it offer insulation? Perhaps a touch, but nothing substantial. They're there to protect your shoes, not to warm up your toes. Like all Assos clothing, they're gorgeous and built to last.Shoe Covers are available in 5 colors. They feature Assos logos on the ankle cuffs, at the rear of the stock on the heel, and on the top of the sock is boldly emblazoned the Assos tagline

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