Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers

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Product Description

We buy aero wheels, aero bikes, aero helmets as part of our never-ending battle against drag. Nevertheless, the human body is the biggest drag culprit of all, so you'll be amazed what a little thing like reducing the air friction at the foot will accomplish. The Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers DM will give you all the advantages Garmin riders like Dave Zabriskie rely on every time they click into their P4 Cervelo.Castelli has been developing these shoe covers for over four years, and everything that it has learned about cheating the wind has been poured into their construction. The Aero Race Shoe Covers have been cut to reduce the drag around the shoe and lower ankle. Their cuffs come up quite high (to the bottom of the calf) in order to increase the aero benefits. At the rear an aero mesh insert has been added to aid in the separation of smooth air. The covers will cling to your leg with the silicone leg gripper, but will not pinch uncomfortably. The presence of a camlock zipper at the rear of the Shoe Cover means you'll never be struggling into or out of this bootie. The Castelli Aero Race Shoe Cover DM comes in a sleek Black or White, and in sizes from Small to XX-Large.

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