DeMarchi Contour Plus Toe Shoe Covers

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Product Description

In the summer you need shoes that are as cool as possible to avoid hot spots, but in the winter you want the opposite. If two pairs of shoes are beyond the budget, you can quickly turn up the thermostat for your summertime shoes by using these De Marchi Contour Plus Toe Covers. They cover up all the essential mesh at the front of the foot to eliminate cold air penetration. De Marchi manages to make them windproof by using their Thermashield fabric for the whole of the Contour Plus Toe Covers. It's a three layer laminate of a smooth anti-snag stretchy mesh on the outside, the windproof, water-resistant membrane in the middle, and a waffled cozy microfiber interior. The De Marchi Contour Plus Toe Covers simply slip onto the front of the shoe and over the cleat on the bottom. An elastic cuff at the top uses silicone gripper dots to hold them in place as you ride. They're available in four sizes from Small to X-Large.

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