Gore Bike Wear Race Power Shoe Covers

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Choose between the GORE Bike Wear regular and thermo Race Power II Shoe Covers. Or just get both pairs. The Gore-Tex Performance Shell blocks moisture without sealing your shoe and foot in air-tight stuffiness, while abrasion-resistant material at the sole increases this shoe cover?s durability. Cut-outs accommodate both your pedal system and the heel of your shoe, while an adjustable hook-and-loop system and neoprene stretch shaft top provide a snug, aerodynamic fit. The thermo shoe cover has a warm fleece backing for chilly races.

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FTP and Power for Different Race Categories?

I've just recently started training with Power (Powertap G3) and frankly, I love it. I wish I'd done it earlier as the data that I get is just awesome. But with that data comes questions around what is actually a good FTP power range to have and really, what are some guys (And ladies) actually push ... Read More »

Confusing race power numbers

Hi guys, I'd like to share with you some power data I have collected and get your input to help me understand it. Background: This weekend was the state championship here in Minnesota, and I raced both days on the same course in the same temperature, (although it was a little slicker by Sunda ... Read More »

I need help developing winter training plan with power. First race March 27, 2011

I'll make this short and sweet. I've been riding for 2 years as of 2 months ago. Just received my Powertap one week ago. Currently getting used to seeing wattage. Haven't done official testing yet, but training is testing, testing is training. I've read Hunter and Andy Coggan's bible, and am current ... Read More »

Train with power meter = race with power meter?

We all know the value of the data we get from our training rides with a power meter, how many of you who train with a power meter also race with it? Do you have two sets of wheels each with a power meter? We see the pros race with SRM cranks but what about racing with a Cycleops Power Meter, is ... Read More »

Race/TT w/ Power Meter

So to the power meter owners, do you race/TT with your power meter? or just use HR strap and the head unit. What kind of power meter do you use? Reason for asking: I use a power tap in my training wheelset, but I am debating having another one put into a race wheelset (expecting to buy a new ... Read More »

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