Mavic Toe Warmer Shoe Covers

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Product Description

Mavic Toe Cover is Ideal to keep your toes warm on mid-season rides. Highly wind and water resistant toe warmer with abrasion resistant front. Adjusts perfectly around your cleats. Exogrip for perfect fit.

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Toe warmer packet tips?

I rode for the first time with some chemical toe warmer packets in my shoes. Per the instructions, I attached them to the outside, bottom of each sock. I expected the things to give off quite a bit of heat since the instructions warn against placing them directly on bare skin. However, my toes we ... Read More »

Never Ending toe/finger Warmer Topic...

There's a great thread about warmer packets going on. I'm going to try a pair of these when the thermometer gets up a little today between my toes covers and shoes. I tried the baggy thing but all the sock/glove layers get wet underneath them. I want to say I read an article in Velonews where th ... Read More »

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