Pearl Izumi Shine Shoe Covers

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The Shine Shoe Covers help increase your visibility quotient.

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Magic Shine, were to get...

[QUOTE]GeoManGear has temporarily discontinued sales of Magicshine lightsets due to our concerns regarding the quality of Magicshine's lithium-ion battery packs. We have determined that the Magicshine battery packs do not meet GeoManGear's high expectations regarding product performance and quality. ... Read More »

Magic Shine light ain't workin right

I bought a Magic Shine light last fall and it worked great. Put it away for the summer, got it out a couple days ago, and hooked charger to battery. When the battery is low, a small light on the charger is supposed to glow red during charging. The light glowed green. I kept battery plugged into char ... Read More »

Magic Shine Lights

I've been thinking about getting a Magic Shine light, I see they have a new one. Is the 1400 worth the extra cost over the 900? Is there another handlebar mount available? For a budget of around $100 is this the best light? Thanks for your input.Read More »

Hardcore backpackers and walkers - shine some light into my den of ignorance

Over the course of this little overseas adventure I've been on, I've discovered that my style of travel is to fly somewhere, get a 5 star hotel and then spend the entire time walking around the funkier parts of wherever I happen to be. I know it's a contradiction - I should be using the hotel car, b ... Read More »

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