Pearl Izumi Wind Shoe Covers

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When you want every inch to be as aerodynamic as possible, pull the Pearl Izumi Wind Shoe Covers over your shoes and ankles. Pearl Izumi made these lightweight shoe covers with a polyurethane-coated fabric that creates a tight, slick fit. The ¾-length locking zipper and a finger loop make it easy to get into the Wind Shoe Covers, while an elastic silicone gripper at the top prevents slippage. A cutaway sole makes cleat integration easy.

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New wind-tunnel tests find surprising gains in cycling efficiency from leg-shaving

[url=]The curious case of the cyclist?s unshaven legs - The Globe and Mail[/url] Is shaving your legs a matter of fashion or function for cyclists? When Oregon-based triath ... Read More »

Does a 90 degree cross wind slow you down compared with no wind?

A head wind slows you down. A tail wind speeds you up. How would a 90 degree cross wind affect your speed as compared with absolutely no wind? Is this a FAQ?Read More »

Reduce wind noise?

Ok so I happened across this on my Facebook feed as a sponsored result. I'm not affiliated with the company at all, but I was wondering if anyone had tried them out? Yes I think they look silly, but if they actually work, they might be worth it. Also, any potential "home-brew" solutions that migh ... Read More »

Man, I hate the wind....

Constant 17 mph headwind with gust up to 25 mph......oh ya, it was raining too....didn't see another rider in 30+ miles.... best ride I've had all week....Read More »

Switching wind

I left the house today with a tail/crossing tail wind. When I looped around to head home there was a wind switch so I had a tail\crossing tail wind home. The Wind is my friend.Read More »

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