Diadora Ergo Carbon Shoes

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Diadora Ergo Carbon Road Shoehas a Carbon fiber sole. Leather uppers with 2 velcro straps and a ratchet enclosure.

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Difference between Sidi Ergo 3 Vent & Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice?

I'm debating between these 2 shoes. I know it depends on which is more comfy but what are the feature differences and your opinions on these 2 shoes? I'm currently using a mid-range Shimano R106 w/ carbon sole for the last 3 years.Read More »

Fizik Aliante Carbon - Is there an ergo alternative?

I love every aspect of my Fizik Aliante carbon rail saddle except it's making certain parts of my nether regions fall asleep on extended rides. This doesn't happen on my other bike with a WTB Silverado that has an ergo channel. If you like the Aliante, WTB Silverado or original Selle San Marco Re ... Read More »

Sites to find discontinued/close out: Sidi Ergo 1 Carbon

Other than eBay or Craigslist for used does anyone know of any businesses that tend to stock closeout or older discontinued models? I have the Ergo 1 Carbon and mine have finally given up the ghost. I would love to find a pair of these in 43 somewhere new or used. Have found 42.5.....44....nothin ... Read More »

Sidi Ergo 2 carbon lite sizing?

I'm looking to upgrade to this shoe and am kind of finding mixed reviews on sizing. I have an older pair of Genius 5's in a size 44, and they're borderline snug with my aftermarket insole - but they still fit for the most part. I've read that the Ergo 2 runs more narrow, and some have even suggest ... Read More »

Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon Men's 2008

[url]http://www.sbrshop.com/store/product.php?pyid=csm-0014[/url]Read More »

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