Diadora Fast Road Shoes

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Diadora Fast is an entry level performance shoe. Three velcro enclosure for a custom fit. Lightweight Nylon sole compatible with Look, Time and SPD Cleats.

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What are the components of a good fast road bike?

I'm not going to recommend a bike what you get is up to you but here are the things that all fast bikes have. Stiff frame, weak frames don't transmit power to the wheels. Ceramic bearings, friction is a power eater and ceramic bearings are as friction free as your going to find. Top of the line shif ... Read More »

Durable but FAST rolling road bike tires?

DH put a pair of Gatorskins on my bike in October because I was flatting all the time. I refused to ride by myself because I flatted so much. The area around us has a lot of construction debris and trash. At the risk of jinxing myself I have not flatted on the road since getting the Gatorskins. I ha ... Read More »

I want a fast aero road bike.

I'm going to start racing soon and I want a fast aero road bike. Any suggestions? My budget is £4500 I have a local bike shop that would be able to build me an S-Works Venge with Zipp 404's and take the Ultegra di2 group set off my current bike, so The overall cost would be about £4200 Here ... Read More »

Is part of the reason road racers are so fast ...

...because the courses they ride on are comparatively smooth to what the rest of us have to deal with when out and about? I feel that in long smooth stretches I can really open it up, whether the terrain is flat or a gradual ascent, but by and large, the bumps have a tendency to knock you around ... Read More »

First Road bike ride ever, and I felt fast

So I had to work today, and unfortunately was going to miss all the easter dinners that were available due to my car being in the shop. So I decided to roll my new road bike to my parents house about 30miles away. I had only taken it out once so far and I only went about 15 miles due to sheer lazine ... Read More »

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