Diadora Proracer 2 Shoes

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Diadora Proracer 2 Road Cycling Shoes Road Cycling Shoes from Diadora which features a carbon sole with a preset for use with SPD clipless pedals. Diadora Proracer 2 Road Cycling Shoe Technologies: Multifit: This patented Diadora closing system gives the rider the chance to customize his shoe to the shape of his instep (foot arch). The soft EVA distributes the pressure evenly, preventing any pain. The Multifit Adjust allows the rider to custom fit the shoe to the height of the instep by adjusting the belt into on of the three positions available (foot arch). The Multifit Adjust rotates on a pin allowing it to adapt to the individual shape of any instep (foot arch). Quick Adjustment 8482;: Fastening system features a resin-impregnated polyester fiber strap that runs through a strap-lock made of aluminium. This assures the practical fastening of the shoe with only one hand so adjustments can be made even while riding. Unlike traditional velcro fasteners, this assures consistent adjus

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