Diadora Sonic Shoes

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Two strap triathlon cycling shoe from Diadora. Breathable microfiber upper carbon reinforced dual sole.

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I can haz Sonic

Looking for a smaller car for errands and commuting and settled on a Chevy Sonic. It's no Subaru, of course... Go ahead, do your worst. :)Read More »

xlab sonic rear hydration system for bikes OTHER than Cervelos?

I have a friend wanting to get an xlab sonic rear hydration system. It looks like it's only made for Cervelos. He has a Trek Speed Concept 7.2. Is there any kind of adapter or another hydration system similar to the xlab sonic rear hydration system?Read More »

New Isaac Sonic

Just rode my new blue carbon Isaac Sonic with campy record/chorus ; very sweet , this bike is flawlessly finished and stiff as I expected yet with a very compliant ride.....This was at close out prices but I could not be happier with this > it has the best carbon finish and is beautiful with minim ... Read More »

Sonic Youth Appreciation Threade

My wife and I met much like this. She in her Fugazi t - me watching her come in the show [House of Large Sizes - yo!], swilling liquid courage. Later in the pit, we ended up playing 'catch and release' through several songs. Fast forward 8 months and I'm asking her to marry me. Daydream ... Read More »

08' Isaac Sonic almost completed!

I've finally come around to building my Isaac Sonic which I bought a couple months ago. It came out pretty good. I am happy. As pictured the wheels are off my Cervelo, but I have ordered a new set of HED Jet 50 and will fit them with Continental GP4000 S for that stealthy black look. I really ... Read More »

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