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DMT Vega Shoes

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MSRP : $375.00

Product Description

VEGA is the absolute innovation. A shoe that is born in Italy and developped combining materials and know how technical-athletic.

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De Rosa Vega 48 Sloping

Just picked up a NOS De Rosa Vega from Ebay. The seller has stacks of NOS aluminium De Rosas as I mentioned in a previous thread, I would have prefered the Vision (for the carbon fork) he had listed but I was outbid. So now I wonder should I buy a carbon fork before I build it up or does anyone h ... Read More »

Info on a De Rosa Vega?

I just picked up a De Rosa Vega but haven't been able to find much information about the bikes on the interwebs. Do you guys have any info about them? Where did they stack up in the De Rosa product line? What years were they produced (the seller seemed to think that it was a 2001)? Is there ... Read More »

De Rosa Vega - Anyone know the top tube length, and what it's worth?

Looking at this bike ( it's in Italy ) to buy & ride while I'm there for 5 weeks. [URL="http://cgi.ebay.it/BICI-DA-CORSA-DE-ROSA-USATA-POCHISSIMO-OTTIME-CONDIZ-/220682799274?pt=Biciclette&hash=item3361b848aa"]http://cgi.ebay.it/BICI-DA-CORSA-DE-ROSA-USATA-POCHISSIMO-OTTIME-CONDIZ-/220682799274?pt ... Read More »

L&M Vega on Chainlove $50

Best commuter light out there atmo.Read More »

i heart Nico Vega

OMGWTFBBQ she is scorchin' [url]http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=11797991[/url]Read More »

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