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Gaerne Aurora Shoes

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Product Description

The perfect combination of aesthetic and technical features. Created to guarantee unique performances on the road, it is perfectly suited to the anatomy of the female foot. Special attention has been given to the structure of the metatarsal and heel areas. Chrome-finished heel.

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Trip to Aurora, Colorado

My family and I are travelling to Colorado the first week of May. My wife will has been out there several times and will be spending a lot of time with her extended family. This is my first trip. I am contemplating spending the extra money for a travel case and trying to get some rides in. Having no ... Read More »

Aurora Mass Murder - They Knew V3.0

In the continuing saga of knowing arm crazy people so they can murder your friends and famioly, the man accused of opening fire on an Aurora movie theater told a classmate he wanted to kill people four months before the shooting, newly released court records allege. Prosecutors made the allegatio ... Read More »

Aurora Mass Murder: They Knew Part II

A variety of news sources (CNN/FOX/ABC/NPR)* are now reporting the school psychiatrist treating accused Aurora theater gunman James Holmes was so concerned about his behavior that she notified other members of the University of Colorado Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team that he could ... Read More »

This Is the Obama-Aurora Billboard Everyone's Talking About

And the beats goes on, lada lada de, lada lada da... [url]http://news.yahoo.com/obama-aurora-billboard-everyones-talking-203448772.html[/url] PAX :cool:Read More »

Denver/Aurora commuting Help?

So Id like to start commuting to work from about Alameda and tower to peoria and 33rdish. Google maps has me on Airport to colfax, which seems a little dangerous. I drive the road every day and I dont think ive seen a cyclist on it and for good reason. Anyone out here know good alternate routes o ... Read More »

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