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Gaerne Polar Shoes

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Product Description

This robust, reliable footwear was designed for extreme-conditions cycling in rigorous weather. In addition to an upper lined with warm lamb’s wool, it has a thermal, elasticized collar with a Velcro fastener. Three small Velcro straps provide a comfortable fastening system that envelops the foot.

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Polar CS600 power meter

I just picked up the Polar CS600 Power Meter system. Does all the typical computer functions plus the power meter. I don;t know much about it, it was on clearance at a bike show for $100, still new in the slightly worn box. Any suggestions on set up and any potential issues would be great.Read More »

Polar's new V800

Available May 19th in US. I'm pretty happy with my RC3, don't think I'm ready to leap at the pre-sale edition at $499. What do the Polar experts here think of it? [url=http://www.polarv800.com/presale.php?country=us-en&utm_source=us-en_V800_newsletter_14&utm_medium=email&utm_content=CTALink&utm_cam ... Read More »

Any Polar HR users out there? (older model, s210)

I've had my HRM for 10 years now. It is a relatively simple model. I don't need to know much more than avg and max hr, time in zones. That's it. My other important riding data come from my Mavic computer. Speed, altitude, distance, etc. Having spent my share of time in 747 cockpits, I shy away ... Read More »

Polar Face Protection

Though it isn't in the news anymore, the arctic hell-scape is still here. I've managed to do pretty well this winter with one notable exception: face protection. I've been wearing a silk/wool balaclava from Winter Silks. It's a nice snug fit, pretty darn thin, but can't cover my nose. Apparently ... Read More »

HRM (polar s720i) inconsistent HR reading - interference

i'm trying to figure out what's causing the monitor to pick up such wild fluctuations in heart rate i've installed brand new batteries in both the transmitter belt, and the watch. i've cleaned the metal contact buttons on the transmitter belt i moisten the HR recording strips on the belt with s ... Read More »

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