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Giro Territory Shoes

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Product Description

The Territory™ was conceived specifically for touring, gravel road riding and off-bike walkability. A traditional cycling upper with a ratcheting buckle and two adjustable straps gets more adventurous with the addition of a sturdy nylon outsole borrowed from our Republic™ model. Walking pads provide traction on road, sidewalk and gravel surfaces, and are replaceable, to help ensure you’ll still be heading out in these shoes after many adventures.

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Morgan Territory and Mt. Diablo South Gate side (pics & video)

Last weekend, I did the Morgan Territory/Mt. Diablo loop for the first time. It was a group ride with the Hammerin' Wheels and the WAV Riders women's cycling club. The climb up the north side of Morgan Territory was pretty nice. Lots of mini descents and stair-step climbing. It kind of reminds me ... Read More »

Sure-fire method for preventing your dog marking on "his" territory...

that really isn't his- like backyard BBQ grilles and patio furniture. Well, I gotta relay the story of 12 year old Jack Russell. It is long story so if you want to just get to the remedy, fast forward (scroll) to the ending (last paragraph). It started when we (my ex-wife and I) used to l ... Read More »

"marking my territory" or Gut's VD weekend.

I've been looking for a doormat or wooden sign or something to mark my presence bearing my surname that wasnt too cheesy. I think we've had our last freeze in central Florida so I did some landscaping and painted my name on a ceramic pot. [IMG]http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f359/gutfiddle/val ... Read More »

Riding into rebel territory

Old Miss Rebels that is. Yesterday was the Double Decker ride and festival in Oxford, MS. The countryside around Oxford is pretty with plenty of rolling hills. The day was cloudy so it was not as nice as it could have been. It had rained most of the night before and had only quit a few hours befor ... Read More »

Hawaii a territory?

I thought that Hawaii became a state in the late 1950s. According to [URL="http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=aVc9dmHma5c0&refer=us"]Bloomberg.com[/URL], it must still be a territory. [QUOTE] The most dramatic differences were seen among the U.S. territories. About 10.2 percent of ... Read More »

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