Louis Garneau Roady Shoes

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Leather and nylon mesh upper for great air-flow and foot support. Different width two-strap system for stability. Rigid outsole for maximum energy transfer, compatible with SPD, SPD-R, Look, Time Mid. Anti-slip toe-cap. EVA foam molded insole. Semi-r

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Mid 90's Merlin roady....what's it worth?

There is a guy here locally(friend of a friend networking) selling a mid 90's Merlin road bike with 8 speed DA on it. Looks to be in decent shape. This isn't an Ultralight, but one of the random no name Merlin's like they made when they first came out....or it could be a custom as they did no name o ... Read More »

Old roady returns from 21 years in triathlon......looking for ti rig

I have been dodging reality the past couple of months with my knee. I have officially ended up with no chance of running again due to my degenerative disc issues and according to my Doc am just crazy to keep running. I tend to agree with the pain I'm having and 2 arthro's are enough. My MRI today sh ... Read More »

My new Fixed Gear roady, pic heavy

Since BianchiJoe posted his mid life crisis, I'll post mine Probably not everyones' cup-o-tea but it's what I wanted. Frameset: Teesdale True Temper S3, Tear drop TT, double oval DT, round-to-oval ST, Surly Track ends (I like the idea of the larger junction at the rear end) straight bladed fork, al ... Read More »

Roady Noob

Greets all, I am making a foray into the world of road bikes. I need some guidance from the illustrious 'in' folk here before setting foot in to my favorite bike shop. I've been riding mountain bikes for 20 years but I want to start 'serious' riding as well as fitness on pavement. I know the hier ... Read More »

Newbie buying his first roady

Hi there guys! I tried to find some of the answers to my problem but there are just to many variables. First things first. I am from Croatia and I live in the capital, Zagreb. There are only a few real road bike suppliers around here so it is a bit tricky with them. I am 1,94 m high and I have 10 ... Read More »

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