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Is Strava now calculating average speed differently?

Has Strava recently changed the way it calculates average speeds? I ask because up until a few months ago, my average speeds were always within 0.2 mph of my average speeds on my Cateye bike computers. (I have two road bikes, each with a Cateye.) Sometimes Strava showed a faster speed, sometimes slo ... Read More »


I bike on average five days a week 15-30 miles a ride. I average 100 miles a week and about half of the time is climbing. I love to climb. I love to compete. I’m 68 years old and an avid Strava user/member. My current bike is a 27-year old steel behemoth with 15 speeds and very fat tires. It weighs ... Read More »

Crankset for Shimano Ultegra 9 speed

My Franklin Frames custom bike has Shimano Ultegra 9 speed groupset and I was looking to upgrade the crankset. Can I run a 10 speed compatible crankset on the 9 speed groupset?Read More »

"Single speed" at nationals?

I know some races allow makeshift ss rigs using zipties or whatever. What would it take to ride ss at nationals? If I ziptie the fd shifter and use a single (conversion) cog in back, would that qualify despite the derailleurs?Read More »

Need help identifying my new Bianchi fixie/single speed

I picked this bike up for pretty cheap at a swap meet yesterday. My friend said it might be a Pista, but I don't think that's right. All the Pista's I've seen are front brake only. The one I got has a rear brake only. The rear cable is taped to the top tube (if that helps). Any info will help. ... Read More »

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