Northwave Centurion Shoes

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The Centurion is a special road sole of DuPont Zytel nylon and fiberglass. Three Velcro brand straps and heel lift stop system keeps the foot from...

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Looking to buy 2014 Centurion Blue Mountain Entry

If anyone can't make it, I'm looking to buy a solo spot for the century. PM me, thanks.Read More »

Buying a Centurion Super Elite Japanese Road Bike off CL. Would appreciate feedback.

I'm viewing an ad for an "90's Centurion Super Elite Japanese Rode Bike" off CL priced at $130. [url=]80's Centurion Super Elite Japanese Road Bike[/url] I am 5'10" so it should be a size. I have read good things about this bike model on other fo ... Read More »

Centurion Road bike Question (New Bike in Question)

New Bike in Question starting from post #9 Will be buying a Centurion Super lemans soon from a guy and wanted to know some info on this type of bike: -What type of metal is the frame made of? (ive heard of some being tange and others not). the color scheme is light blue and has a 7speed casette in ... Read More »

Bird in the hand--a Centurion, or wait until you can find what you want?

I have been obsessing about building an S&S travel bike ever since I saw them up close on a Euro tour I was on. (The fact that I have been unable to travel recently has barely dampened the urge....) So my question is--if I have a line on a bike frame that already has couplers, should I go for ... Read More »

2011 Masi Partenza and 1987 Centurion

I feel like I have been on an endless search to find a decent used road bike. So far either I'm mostly only finding 56cm or 60cm , and I need a 58, or I learn after posting a question about it that it is a poor bike. I recently found a 2011 Masi Partenza for $375. I plan on riding about 50 miles ... Read More »

Read More »



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