Northwave Hornet Shoes

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Built with a Dupont Zytel Thermoplastic sole for increased rigidity, performance and comfort. Three velcro strap for a custom fit. Heel Lift Stop system to maintain positioning of the heel and maintain comfort at the same time.

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Seasucker Hornet Review...

[ATTACH=CONFIG]280164[/ATTACH] I was looking for a rack to use on my Jeep Liberty. My needs for a rack where simple carry one bike to the trail head with out damaging the bike or the vehicle, and if possible I prefer to keep the front wheel on the bike. I didn't want to go with a roof mo ... Read More »

Looks like Iran is kicking the hornet's nest

This morning Iran test fired a couple missiles and now the talk of "possible retaliation is on the table." Oh, and they claim to have successfully made a fuel rod. Is this enough for a pre-emptive strike?Read More »

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

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Northwave Hornet and Evolution same width?

I had Northwave Evolution road shoes a while back and liked them for the wide toebox. I just picked up a pair of 07' Hornets and they feel narrower than I remember the Evolutions to be. Has anyone had both models and can verify this?Read More »

The Green Hornet Lands..nnc new bike fer me!

My new rig landed. A plastic Fantastic Trek 5.5 Pro Frame Project 1 with full Sram Red compliment and Powertap. Ideally, I would have opted for a Pinarello but the shop has a program that makes the Trek the logical choice as I get my normal discount, plus they kick-in. Plus, they'll do payroll deduc ... Read More »

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