Shimano R215 Shoes

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Product Description

New buckle design and dual high-strength laminated straps system. Hollow molded carbon fiber sole. Super light and stiff, 2 ventilators provide for comfortable breathability. Sponge deep heel cup with shape retaining pad for enhanced fit and comfort S

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Shimano SH-R215 Shoes $159.99 @ coloradocyclist

Seems like a pretty good deal with a lot of size left. Free shipping til monday [url][/url]Read More »

Crazy question for Shimano SH-R215 shoe owners...

How does your ratchet-buckle mount onto your shoe? Is it just one screw at the far end of the buckle (ie, furthest from the ratchet-strap entry point)? A picture would be great. I have a broken-ish buckle on my Adistar Pros, and can only easily find Shimano replacement buckles. :mad2: But you cou ... Read More »

Shimano R215 shoe question

Anyone own these, normal width, and how do they compare to Sidi, normal or mega? Do you think they are relatively wide or narrow? TIARead More »

Shimano R215 vs. R151

Does anyone now if there is a difference between the Shimano 215 sole and the cheaper Shimano 151? Is it just the fancy 3rd starp that you are paying for with the more expensive shoe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. NikRead More »

shimano r215's sizing?

Howdy Been thinking of getting a pair of R215's, but there's no local shops that carry them, so online i go. I wore a pair of carnac lemonds/legends for years, and the roomy toebox that the 215's are supposed to have appeal. I'm curious as to how they fit - do they run small, large? My ... Read More »

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