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Sidi GENIUS 5-FIT Shoes

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MSRP : $208.49

Product Description

SIDI GENIUS 5-FIT Shoes Upper: Microfibre and Nylon Mesh Sole: The anatomical and comfortable strap, placed on the top of the foot and coupled with a soft and thermo-formed material, will increase comfort and performance. It distributes pressure evenly over the arch area, adjustable from both sides to achieve the perfect center position. The system eliminates the need for the High Instep Extender. The Soft Instep Closure System is serviceable and replaceable. Caliper buckle: The micrometric closure called 8220;Caliper buckle 8221; is adjustable by lifting the central buckle. In order to completely open, lift together both side buckles, or push the center button to slightly loosen one tooth at the time. The system is also adjustable during a race. High Security Velcro: High security Velcro straps with integrated locking polymer teeth , that engage onto each other when the strap is closed. This feature makes the closure more secure and the

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How to repair my Sidi Genius 5.5s?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum... Background: I sweat like a mofo... When I went to replace my cleats, the cleat screws were fused. I had to get one of those screw extractors to remove the screws. The problem, I have one foot bed where two of "nuts" have stripped threads, and I'm not ab ... Read More »

Sidi Genius Pro 5 vs Giro Factor

I'm in the market for some new cycling shoes and can't decide between these two. Besides the fit which I understand is key, which of these is the better shoe? Base the decision on technology, stiffness, weight, value, etc... need your input!Read More »

Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon road shoe on sale @ JensonUSA

[url=http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/SH273C01-Sidi+Genius+5+Pro+Carbon+Road+Shoe.aspx]Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon Road Shoe at JensonUSA.com[/url] :)Read More »

Sidi Genius 5 Carbon set up and knee pain

I went from a Sidi Genius 5, 2nd pair in 8-10 years to Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon. Love the 5 mega fit and asked several times if the 5 carbon would fit the same way, was told they would and they are pretty much the same design but with the carbon sole. I built the new shoes up exactly like the old ... Read More »

Sidi Genius 5 Pro vs 11 S-Works

Can I hear the feedback to owners of either of these shoes? THese are currently the 2 shoes I'm looking at buying.Read More »

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