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Sidi Genius Fit Shoes

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Product Description

The Sidi Genius Fit Carbon Road Shoe is the new mainstay of Sidi's line, replacing the long-enduring Genius 5. The shoe is updated with a Millennium 4 carbon composite sole which provides rigidity and comfort for all day riding, and is compatible with all road (3-bolt) pedal/cleat systems. The 2-way caliper buckle offers secure, easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening for the perfect fit. An adjustable soft instep closure system and padded tongue eliminates pressure points for lasting comfort, while the high security Velcro straps provide a secured position on the foot. The microfiber upper with cooling mesh panels is highly breathable, supple and durable for long life. Replaceable non-slip rubber heel tabs.

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Shoe fit? Sidi Genius 5 carbon vs Fizik R3

Hi I have a shoe/pedal question and not sure where to post it, didn't see a place that fit perfectly. Please advise if I should move it to another section and I'll delete it from here. Has anyone tried out the Fizik R3 shoes? I am upgrading from an entry level mixed-use Shimano shoe that I boug ... Read More »

Sidi Genius will fit Speedplay's?

Yes or no? I can't seem to find a definitive answer.... TimRead More »

Sidi Genius 4 vs. Genius 5 fit

I'm in need of a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately where I'm at the local shops do not have anything in my size and are unwiling to bring anything in unless I purchase it. I did try on a pair of Sidi Genius 4 and Sidi Genius 5 shoes. The 4's were the right length but felt narrow. The 5's were one siz ... Read More »

General Sidi Genius 5 fit

wear a sidi dominator size 43. Shoe is snug and toes right up tofront of shoe. A 43.5 Genius puts toes not just to the fron but some wiggle room. A bit of slippage with the 43.5. What is the best fit with a road or any bike shoe/ The 43 which is snug but not tight bit has very little wiggle room for ... Read More »

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