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Sidi Nevada Shoes

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MSRP : $149.95

Product Description

Sidi's Nevada shoes have a slightly relaxed fit so they're perfect for recreational cyclists who want the perfect ergonomics and amazing comfort that...

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Nevada City Classic + Folsom Crit = $23,000 6/14-15/2014

That's right.... If you put the Folsom Historic Crit + the famed Nevada City Classic together and you get two days of racing and a total of $23,000 in cash prize money. Save $10 per race if you use online registration (closes WEDNESDAY), after that use walk up registration. For all the det ... Read More »

SRAM Apex on 2003 Lemond Nevada City?

I have a Lemond Nevada City from 2003 with worn out old Sora components. I'd like to keep the frame, for sentimental reasons and was wondering if I could install SRAM Apex on it. Will I have to use a different type of crankset and bottom bracket. The Nevada City is 68 mm English threaded. I assume t ... Read More »

Romney "draws" thousands in Nevada..

just ask his campaign... [url=http://www.buzzfeed.com/zekejmiller/romney-campaign-appears-to-exaggerate-size-of-neva]Romney Campaign Exaggerates Size Of Nevada Event With Altered Image[/url] apparently they're good drawers....Read More »

RNC violates it's own rules in efford to get Willard a win in Nevada

[url=http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2012/05/ron-paul-wins-nevada-so-romney-and-rnc-buy-new-party/52459/]Ron Paul Wins in Nevada, So Romney and the RNC Buy a New Party - Politics - The Atlantic Wire[/url] [quote]Ron Paul supporters took over the Nevada GOP earlier this month, so Mitt Romn ... Read More »

Sierra Nevada

I loves me some good beer. I really like Sierra Nevada. So, I am out shopping for more beer and run across this. Any IPA fans need to try. Its goooood. Thats all.Read More »

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