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Time RXL Shoes

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MSRP : $350.00

Product Description

  • 100% compatible - extremely thin 7mm carbon sole
  • Low-profile fitted insole in injection-moulded PVC
  • Low-profile thermoformed removable insole
  • Synthetic upper with ventilated mesh
  • Maximized mesh surface area

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Ceramic bearings for BB90 and RXL wheelset.

Hi guys. Ive got a 2013 Trek Domane 4.5 (wich delivers more then I expected, I love this bike) and I want to change the BB90 to ceramic bearings, along with my 2013 RXL wheelset bearings. The reason is that I have a Trek mamba mountain bike with Rolf Prima wheelset wich has ceramic bearings, and ... Read More »

Bontrager RXL vs Rolf Prima Elan.

Hi guys. I need a new wheelset for my Domane 4.5 What I have my mind set on is to upgrade from Bontrager RL to RXL at my LBS or get a Rolf Prima Elan. I weigh 200 lbs and ride mixed hills and flats and will be using a 25mm tire for that bike. What do you guys recon ?Read More »

Tire recommendation for Bontrager RXL Tubeless

I just got a new set of Bontrager RXL Tubeless Ready's (TLR) from a warrantee of my old paired spoke wheels (Thanks Trek!) and thinking about putting them on my cross bike. Looking for a recommendation on tubeless tires that people have had successes with (or failure too for that matter). Than ... Read More »

Bontrager rxl rim width

Can some one with these wheels measure the rim width at the brake track? The 2010-2011 model with the scandium rims and white spokes. I can't find any data online. Thanks.Read More »

Campy 11 s freehub /2009 RXL wheel

Hi I have a pair of 2009 Bontrager RXL wheelset (shimano, two paired spoke ) and would like to install a Campy 11 speed freehub.Before buying the freehub i would like to know if it's compatible .ThanksRead More »





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