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Jersey and Shorts Sizes

I have recently bought my first road bike and am going to get a bontrager jersey and a pair of shorts. I have looked at their size chart and they all look big but I have been told on another forum site that they are small. I am 35" around my chest. 33" waste. 38.5" hips. 22" from the base of neck to ... Read More »

Bike shorts with wicking t shirt?

Hi, I recently picked up some bike shorts and they are skin tight, I can't afford the jersey right now but I have some nice Nike wicking shirts, is it common for people to wear loose fitted shirt with tight shorts? I don't want to wear regular gym shorts due to I like feel of cycling with just short ... Read More »

College girls in summer shorts, sandals, and flowery cruisers

I see lots of them from the nearby uni. there is something innocent about it all! such a refreshing atmosphere from all the typical lycra kit crowds yo!Read More »

cycling shorts/saddle advice

Recommendations for shorts, rode a little over 44 miles, florida heat was kicking in, Pearl Izumi quest shorts not so good after 15 or so miles. Have a little over 300 total miles, maybe 350 so really not an expert. Just trying to cut thru the hype and get a pair or two of comfortable shorts. Thx. A ... Read More »

New Saddle and Shorts Fitted at the LBS

I graduated to "Real" cyclist shorts. I had to try on about 6 to find the right size/brand. Glad I didn't just go online and grab what I thought sounded right. I also picked up a new saddle, Romin Expert. They measured my "Sit Bones" to find I was the middle size not what I thought. Again would ... Read More »

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