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Assos H FI.Lady_s5 Shorts

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Product Description

Short rides and morning spin classes may not hold the same weight as climbing 3,000 feet in the Swiss Alps, but these activities still require the use of wicking fabrics and a supportive chamois. Although you may not need the intensity of bibs, a well-constructed pair of shorts will feel comfortable during your hour long visit to the pain cave with your spin instructor, Hans. Leave your bibs for long rides, and slip into a pair of Assos H FI.Lady_S5 Women's Shorts. Using the coveted fabrics and impeccable design that Assos is known for, these will quickly become your go-to shorts when you're not climbing mountain passes.Assos equates comfort with a measurable race-advantage, and its products are designed for both. With that in mind, the H FI.Lady_S5 shorts are designed with a wide, two-part waistband that feels more like the soft hug of yoga pants than that of traditional cycling shorts. The waistband sits securely next to your skin, without being constrictive, and it uses an elastic band on the back portion to keep the shorts in place.The H FI.Lady_S5 shorts are stitched into a six-panel design. Unlike many shorts, the six panels are not cut 'square' with vertical lines, but rather, they're cut curved to accentuate the body and minimize bunching in the saddle. On the front panels, Assos employs flat-panel stitching down the legs to minimize stretch and to provide greater compression to the legs. Besides moving less on your skin, the compression supports your muscles, helping to reducing muscular fatigue over the course of a ride. Grippers have also been incorporated around the hem of the leg-opening to keep the fit position secure. These shorts are also treated with a UV protection of 50 to keep the sun at bay during your afternoon ride.The shorts use Assos' women's-specific version of its legendary S5 chamois. This chamois makes use of a design that's slightly shorter from front-to-back, and a bit wider side-to-side than a traditional women's chamois. The S5 has more padding in the sit bones, and is made with the same Elastic Interface Technology as the Men's version.One note to keep in mind: Assos designs all of its clothing within the Assos Ergonomic Pattern Design philosophy. When you put these shorts on, they will pull and bunch when you're standing straight up looking in the mirror. But they're not designed to be comfortable when you're standing in your bedroom -- rather, they're designed to 'click' into place when you're on your bike. You'll experience the true beauty of the Assos fit when you're in the saddle hammering in the drops.The Assos H FI.Lady_S5 Women's Shorts come in Black, Blue/black, Red/black, Yellow/black, and White/black. They're available in six sizes from X-Small to TIR.

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