Bellwether O2 Shorts

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This classic cycling short is packed with performance features such as breathable, moisture wicking materials and smart seam placements. Bellwether's Quest chamois keeps you feeling good and riding strong, mile after mile. Ergonomic pan...

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Avocet o2 Air Saddle Substitute

I've finally worn out my old Avocet o2 Air saddle and need to replace it. I prefer the wider "Mens" version. The only problem is that Avocet doesn't make them anymore, and I don't want to pay the going price of $75+ for a beat up, used version on ebay. Has anyone found a good, modern substitution ... Read More »

Lazer O2 helmet

Just got this helmet and am a little concerned about the adjustment system it seems overly mechanical and was wondering if any of you have any experience with this good or bad. Here's a link I hope will work to look at waht I'm talking about. [URL=" ... Read More »

Saddles Similar to the Avocet O2 40R

Can someone recommend a saddle similar to the Avocet O2 40R? I've tried Flite, Arione, Rolls, and an Aspide. The Flite saddle feels like it has too much curvature and gives me saddle sores. The Aspide seemed to have the right support on the sit bones, but the padding was too thin. The Rolls had ... Read More »

people who loved old avocet O2 40r

given how hard it is to find avocet O2's these days, I'm toying with the idea of trying something new. I was just wondering if there were people out there who loved their old avocets (without the depression) and found another saddle they liked as much or betterRead More »

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