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Briko Solid Shorts

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Product Description

  • 8 panels construction
  • Two-way stretch MAXI DRY fabric
  • New Comfort Thermoshaped pad

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pretty solid argument for disc brakes...and life insurance

[url=http://www.autoblog.com/2013/12/04/crazy-cyclist-stunt-backwards-mountain-road-video/#continued]Insane cyclist rides down wet mountain road at 50 mph... backward - Autoblog[/url]Read More »

Remember the Solid Bump in the Polls...

that Romney got immediately after the first debate? Sorry, Barry, no such bump for you. Gallup's first 7 day rolling average poll to include the day after debate 2 had Obama slipping 1 more point. The downward trend continues.Read More »

7 Solid Counts of Perjury

1. That Dr Ferrari never prescribed, administered or suggested any kind of a drug or doping program for Lance Armstrong. 2. That there was nothing in Lance Armstrong’s dealings with Dr Ferrari that would suggest that Dr Ferrari was encouraging other athletes to use performance enhancing drugs. ... Read More »

Solid color road bike frames

Hey guys, I keep seeing all these kids in Jersey with fixies that are just solid colors. Now I know most of these kids do not have the money or the care to custom paint their frames. Anyone know where I can get a solid color frame with little to no branding? Thanks a ton!Read More »

Wheelset suggestions - solid trainers that can handle a race or two

First post for a long, and I mean long, time lurker. I suppose I should introduce myself in the newbie section, but first things first... I took up riding three years ago, and have progressed from a 1986 steel Trek (butter) to a Mercier aluminum frame (torture) and am now the proud new owner of ... Read More »

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