Giordana Laser Bib Shorts

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Giordana is clever in creating two seriously nice pairs of bib shorts with slightly different focuses. The Body Clone FormaRed Bibs are a PRO grade pair of bibs, formed like a second skin onto your body. These Giordana Laser Bib Shorts are also anatomically shaped to fit you in the riding position, but the fabric is different and much more focused on providing a very special compression effect.Giordana uses Moovix fabric for these bibs which gives them an omni-directional elasticity that has the effect of a micro-massage on the muscles with each pedal stroke. This naturally promotes blood flow which will have enormous benefits the entire ride. The more blood you can move around to your muscles, the better your performance and recovery will be. The knit of the Moovix fabric has been designed to promote moisture transfer as well, so you'll stay cooler and more comfortable.Like the FormaRed Bib Shorts, carbon is also used in the fabric of the Laser Bib uppers. The carbon element helps control the stretch of the material and reinforces it for strength. The Giordana Aerofix Gripper System holds the bibs in place with seamless care and offers amazing ventilation. The fabric next to the skin is perforated to enable airflow through the material. The resulting light and breathable strap system keeps the torso cool and dry in a spot that can get notoriously sticky. The mesh rear panel is also shaped in a way to keep the back ventilated and dry. Four needle flat-stitched seams help to control stretch as well as isolate muscle groups. At the bottom, a wide elastic band at the cuffs has silicone dots on the inside to hold the bottoms securely in place when you ride.Let us not forget the most important part of the bibs: the chamois. The Laser Bib Shorts offer the same top-of-the-line chamois as the FormaRed bibs have. The Cirro OmniForm pad is made from three layers. The layer that sits closest to your skin is made from a special nylon microfiber infused with Aloe Vera that will not wash out of the fabric. Aloe cools, protects and even heals the skin while you're in the saddle. It's a natural defender against bacteria. The middle layer is a waffled memory foam which helps with the moisture management by circulating any dampness to the outside of the shorts so that they can easily air out. The foam is bonded on the bottom with an ultra-fine protective liner. To ensure that seams never come in contact with the rider's body, all stitches are completely concealed in recessed channels. The Cirro O.F. insert stretches like elastic and conforms to your movements on the bike, then returns to its original shape after exercise. The Giordana Laser Bib Shorts are available in Black/blue, Black/white, and Black. They come in five sizes from Small through XX-Large. Reflective elements add visibility for safety.

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