Giordana Little Cottonwood Bib Shorts

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We're blessed to have world-class cycling right here at our doorstep all across the state of Utah. If you ride road, the Little Cottonwood climb is not to be missed. With grades rivaling that of the Alpe d'Huez, there is more than enough pavement stretching between its start, and its summit finish some 8 miles later and 3500 feet above upon which to test your mettle. We've named the Little Cottonwood Bib Short as a little local homage, but also because it's a top-tier short constructed with a greater degree of both stretch and compression designed to give you that extra edge on your toughest days in the saddle. You'll notice that there's an extra spandex panel that runs from the bottom of the glutes to the bottom of the shorts on both the right and left leg. These panels first started appearing in the legs of US Postal team skinsuits, then Team Discovery clothing, and in 2011, you could see the red panels in the back of Team Radio Shack's black shorts. These are Xspansion Channels that, as the name suggests, expand to accommodate legs of all thicknesses, from skinny legs to moderate and, especially, thick gams.You might be wondering why you'd need more stretch. It's because these shorts use highly compressive spandex, known as HC-44, that doesn't merely stretch around your legs, but hugs them in a tight embrace. The material has 44 threads per centimeter, making the material very thin, light, and tight. Compression is part of the next wave of legal performance enhancements, with some evidence that it can help you go farther faster. Even if you're skeptical, the shorts keep the chamois in place like nobody's business. The 5cm-wide comfort cuffs feature Ametista material on the outside and Antigua on the inside to help with wicking and sticking. They're also great for holding knee- and leg-warmers in place.This sort of intelligent design is everywhere on these bottoms. Because the Ametista is interlaced with carbon thread, which has anti-bacterial and anti-static properties, it is used around the waist to protect your internal organs from electrical interference. The bibs are made with the thin Ametista fabric as well, and are cut with curves so they lie flat as they wrap around your torso. Micromesh sits between the bib straps in back to promote cooling ventilation. There are reflective tabs on the backs of the legs as well.The Little Cottonwood Bib Short comes fitted with Giordana's top-of-the-line Cirro Omniform insert. It's a variable thickness (ranging from 4 - 14mm) stretch pad, with a waffle top for comfort and wicking, and the microfiber's threads are infused with aloe vera for a softer feel and better protection of your skin. You'll be able to choose from Small to XX-Large sizes in the color Black.

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