Gore Bike Wear Countdown Shorts

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The Gore Countdown II Shorts will quickly prove to be an essential part of your mountain biking wardrobe. You?ll feel like all the right places have been thought through by people who spend a lot of time on their bikes, testing their creations. Mountain bike shorts need to walk that line between versatility and sportiness. With the moisture-wicking nylon outer short, you'll feel comfortable in the loose-fitting material whether you're on the bike or in the coffee shop. Two front and two side pockets with a hook and loop closure as well as a zipper pocket in the back give you tons storage if you're not the type to wear a pack. For those of us who hate to have our stomach restricted, the waistband is elastic in the rear, and won't dig in. Reflective piping and logos at the front and the back will help you stay visible on the way home from the trailhead. With a 12 inch (30cm) inseam, the shorts will give you the sort of coverage that mountain biking requires, but will still give you plenty of freedom of movement. The detachable inner shorts come with the Gore Sport elastic seat insert. It?ll give you enough protection without making you feel like you're wearing a diaper. The seams are shifted to make sure that nothing is in danger of rubbing in high movement areas. The gripper elastic at the hems holds the inner short in place. The Gore Countdown II Shorts come in Black, White/Black, EB/Black and EH/Black. They are available in sizes Small through XX-Large.

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The 48hr Countdown Has Started

Two work days left. This is sort of becoming real. Sort of funny to see everyone around me figuring out that I'm actually leaving and starting the mad scramble for my help/knowledge last minute. The one thing that is really irking me is that the ownership has made no move to replace me and is ... Read More »

8 day countdown until ski trip to WP

Really looking forward to skiing WP this year. My new Smith Stance googles arrived today and my Smith Variant Brim arrives today. I figured it better to buy my own helmet, then rent one every year. No more sweat head with some nice vents in my new helmet. Its light too. Its been snowing pretty ... Read More »

Let the countdown begin

No, not that countdown to the GOP's debate. And not the number of days until the President offers up more promises. [B]28 days until the next federal government shut down[/B] ... yet another chance for Congress to show its brinkmanship skills of finger-pointing while hold the American tax paye ... Read More »

Synchronize your watches and start the countdown

to when this is first used in endurance sports. [url]http://medicalxpress.com/news/2011-08-weakness-aging-tied-leaky-muscles.html[/url] ...never mind it probably already has been. Nothing like an uncontrolled Phase 0.01 trial to show who is truly driven to win.Read More »

MS-150 countdown...

Two weeks till the MS 150! I starting to get excited. I used to ride it a lot, but haven't done it since '04... Will be riding for my company team, piggy-backing with Team DOW in LaGrange... Anyone else riding?Read More »

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