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When we first discovered the joys of mountain biking, one of the things we enjoyed the most was that we could just jump on the bike and go. There was no tiresome prep with bibs and jerseys and creams. We were newbies that rode in our baggy shorts, tee shirts and bravado. Of course, it didn't take too long to see that leaving behind all the trappings of road riding would actually leave our behinds chapped and raw. The Gore Fusion Shorts are well named because they combine the best of both worlds: the laid-back look of street clothes plus insert comfort only a proper cycling short can provide. The Fusion Shorts have been designed to give you durable protection, but with a soft touch. They are rough-and-ready shorts that have the sort of toughness you need for heavy-duty downhill riding, but also have the ventilation you need when the trail inevitably turns uphill. The abrasion-resistant material at the inside of the legs and around the saddle area will protect the shorts from damage caused by hard riding and the unavoidable friction those areas encounter. The practicality of the shorts will astound you, especially when you realize so much of it has been well-hidden. The two side zip pockets are discreet but still hold all your essentials like keys, ID, cash, power gel without bulging. The zip pocket on the back will add extra stuffing space for gels, CO2 cartridges or anything else you may need in a pinch. Your tummy can rest easy because there is a comfy adjustable waistband which has elastic halfway around. And the button front has an accommodating placket design to reinforce the button holes, so you'll never be worried about busting a button. Belt loops have been included in case you want add a touch of class with a belt. Reflective piping and logos at the front and the back will make you visible at dusk to the cars, though the bears might miss you. The 14-inch (36.5cm) inseam length will keep you protected from the likely falls and brushes with bushes. But don't worry about the shorts getting too hot; ventilation is a cinch with the front mesh inserts that have a zipper for easy adjusting.The removable inner shorts with the Power Man Seat Insert will prove to be perhaps your favorite aspect of the Fusion Shorts. They have a partial mesh inserts that will aid in ventilation and elastic hems at the legs to keep them comfortably in place. Easily removable, you can leave them at home if you want to wear just the short to your next rock concert. As for the pad, you'll be blown away by how perfect the Power Man Seat Insert works for the needs of a mountain biker. It is not over-padded with that dreaded diaper feeling; rather Gore has incorporated a high-density foam with an anatomical fit and a seamless finish. So you'll feel protected but not overwhelmed with material down there. The elasticity of the pad ensures that it moves with you, chafe-free. And as far as keeping you cool and dry, Gore has used their special fabric for the outer layer that to

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