Oakley Dreaded Shorts

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Pull on the Oakley Dreaded Short, hop on the two-wheeler, and kick up some dirt. A wide waist band with a gripper securely keeps these shorts in place without cutting off circulation, and its wicking, breathable chamois will keep your rear end happy after long after legs have seized up.

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dreaded BB Creak

I have had my 2012 RS since April. I have about 1700 miles on the bike and I recently started hearing a creak from the BB area. I can silence the noise by pulling back on my foot as if to put weight on my heel. I thought the noise was my new Sworks shoes but I have read a few posts about cracks and ... Read More »

Alloy vs Carbon...handlebars...not the dreaded frame question

Hi all, I'm interested in buying a new handlebar for my bike. Currently I'm using an Easton EC90 Carbon in a 42cm. It is the ergo bar. I've used this bar for 10+ years and no complaints but want a more shallow drop...getting a bit longer in the tooth... I'm looking at 2 bars and would like feed ... Read More »

The Dreaded Meter Maids of San Francisco

I once lived in San Francisco. I found the social energy and the human vibe there, to be magnetically attractive and spiritually intoxicating. I also found the homelessness, the eternally intoxicated, and the meter maids, to be intolerably putrid. That's why I made my move twenty miles east of Bicyc ... Read More »

ARGH!! The dreaded triple derailleur adjustment...Killing me

My wife was wanting a true road bike and I found a steal on a Fuji Newest 1.0 that someone built up with 105/Ultegra 9 speed and a nice set of Open Pros on 6500 hubs. It still has the factory triple RPM brand crank on it and a 105 triple derailleur and shifter. Whomever built it up did a sorry jo ... Read More »

Signs of the dreaded BONK!

To help clear up some confusion that some people have about bonking I thought it might be a good idea to list what bonking actually entails. When you don't have enough fuel, you're greatly fatigued, you're still pushing yourself, and likely dehydrated but not always... some of this may happen.. - ... Read More »

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