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Krugman - Print the Coin

I always thought this was a joke, but he's serious. [url][/url] [url=]Be Ready To Mint That Coin -[/url] The White House ... Read More »

Large Print Keyboards

Has anyone here had any experience with large print keyboards? Mom is blind in one eye, and not so great vision in the other, she has a lot of trouble with the keyboard on her computer. (Dell keyboard) I've looked at the Visikey & [URL=""]EZSee[/URL] keyb ... Read More »

Hazard Perception Test - Licence to Print Money

Hi The following article appeared in [URL=""]The Post, September 10, 2011, Page 3[/URL] and was written by Kerry Faulkner [IMG][/IMG] [I][quote] Mosman Park s ... Read More »

Not so fast.....or read the fine print

Let me preface this by accepting full responsibility and full recognition that this is all of my own doing. After a recent impromptu reunion, my wife and her female cousins have decided to take a trip to Paris. My wife called me yesterday to tell me that the flight would be approx. $750. I realiz ... Read More »

Baby blue NNC jersey with diamond plate print

Yo' I gots one of these and it's money, but it's too big for me. It's either an XL club cut or XXL. I used to wear my jerseys a lot looser than I do now. I'm willing to mail it to anyone who wants it as long as you post pics. It's a looker and super high-quality material. It would be per ... Read More »

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