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Sugoi Remote Shorts

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MSRP : $29.99

Product Description

The durable Sugoi Remote short is a value packed relaxed short. The Remote features durable double- needle stitching, which protects against ripping upon gravity checks. Double needle stitching 2 front pockets Seamless crot...

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Roadie + remote beach = fatbike

[ATTACH=CONFIG]297218[/ATTACH] I go to a remote beach in the outerbanks which requires 15 miles or so of driving on sand to get to the house . This can take lots of time depending on low or high tide and how crowded the beach is. It does not lend itself to bike rides because of this. This year I ... Read More »

Waterproof remote to change tracks

Right now, I have to remove my phone from its pouch to change tracks, but I can see this remote being useful for changing tracks without having to pull my phone out and asking Siri for navigation: [URL]https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/satechi/goremote-bluetooth-40-le-waterproof-remote-control[/U ... Read More »

Remote seatpost (or stupid idea?)

When watching pro road races I see most riders sitting on their top tube during descents for better aerodynamics. Has anyone ever tried a remote seatpost? Drop the saddle down during descents and raise it back up for a normal riding position. Wouldn't a lower center of gravity give you better han ... Read More »

Ultegra Di2 Sprint and climbing remote shifter...... same thing?

I'm wanting to put a remote shifter on the top of my handlebars for climbing (to be mounted on the under-side of my handlebar tops). Is there a different remote for this purpose versus the "sprint" shifter that can be mounted down in the drops?Read More »

"fundawear" < remote control vibrating underwear

With video... probably NSFW [url=http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/18/durexs-new-long-distance-sexy-time-fundawear-is-exactly-that/]Durex?s New Long-Distance Sexy Time Fundawear Is Exactly That | TechCrunch[/url] "You put on special (read: vibrating) underwear that connect to a smartphone app. ... Read More »

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