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Sugoi Team Bib Shorts

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MSRP : $79.99

Product Description

With bold peloton inspired graphics, the Sugoi Team bib short will keep you spinning as the miles add up. The 10-panel construction, with contrast flatlock stitching, partners with Ultra Aero to keep muscles energized and working efficiently during extreme conditions.

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Does each TDF team bring KOM, yellow, green, white variants of jersey/bib/helmet?

I've always wondered how this works: So, I just dropped a bunch of TdF suckas, blasted through whatever gates they had set up on top of each climb and won the right to wear the red dots. Next day, I show up at the starting line polka'd out head to toe, helmet included... where the hell does this ... Read More »

Rapha Classic vs. Pro Team bib shorts?

Anyone familiar with the differences between Rahpa's "Classic" and "Pro Team" bib shorts? The prices are just $10 difference... [url]http://www.rapha.cc/bib-shorts[/url] [url=http://www.rapha.cc/pro-team-bib-shorts]Pro Team Bib Shorts | Rapha[/url] ...it would seem the technical merits o ... Read More »

Anyone wear Louis Garneau RealCyclist Pro Cycling Team Bib Shorts?

Are the bibs comfortable? Looking for my first bibs... [url]http://www.realcyclist.com/louis-garneau-realcyclist-professional-cycling-team-bib-shorts-mens[/url] Free gift with purchase: [QUOTE]Louis Garneau RealCyclist Professional Cycling Team - Short Sleeve Jersey - Men's Value: $139.95 ... Read More »

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