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Assos Winter Socks

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Product Description

For warmth, comfort and durability, the Assos Early Winter Socks are made of a Merino wool mix. They're thicker than summer socks, breathable and ...

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conservative expectations for winter improvement

I need to preface with the stupid question disclaimer: so I'm gearing up for winter where I plan to actually pick up on serious training (threshold intervals at first). I spent the last 14 months just riding, building endurance, lost 50lbs, completed 75 and 100 mile rides, competed in my first race ... Read More »

Do I need a winter bike?

I want to do about 200 miles a month this winter and I was wondering if I should just use my current bike and put fenders on it or get a dedicated winter bike. My current bike is a Tarmac Elite-it has a 105 group and DT Swiss 3.0 wheels. Replacement part are cheap if I need new wheels or drivetr ... Read More »

Cohort opinion on the Louis Garneau Steeple-X disc as a winter communter.

Hello, I'm on the edge of my seat about to pull a trigger on this bike as a winter commuter. Currently I ride a steel road bike with 25c tires and it doesn't cut the harsh winter we have out here on the country roads. Do you think this is a decent price? Think I manage some fenders on this cross bi ... Read More »

Aquabike next year, winter swimming advice

So I am going to do an Aquabike next season (well, perhaps a few of them). I have the bike portion down pat, its the swimming that will need a little work. My goal is to get in "Swim shape" over the winter. I'm joining the local YMCA as we have a discount through work. It looks like I can get my ... Read More »

Winter Commuter - BD Kilo Wt vs Fantom Cross Uno

I've been looking around for the fabled "$5 garage sale bike" to turn into a winter commuter. I had thought my criteria were pretty reasonable (room for studded tires, fenders, frame fits me reasonably well, brakes I can rip off an replace with something respectable). Unfortunately five months of lo ... Read More »

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