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Assos Winter Socks

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For warmth, comfort and durability, the Assos Early Winter Socks are made of a Merino wool mix. They're thicker than summer socks, breathable and ...

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Pearl Izumi winter gear on sale cheap at Amazon

Yeah, none of us is thinking about the cold right now, but saw this on Slickdeals. Got leg and arm warmers in black for less than $30 shipped. White would have been even cheaper. Here's the link to the original thread on slickdeals. If you scroll down, there's a bunch of other PI stuff, but it ... Read More »

Cross / Winter Bike Project Complete

Just finished up my latest project. A Cross / Winter Bike that will see duty for mostly winter / wet-weather riding with some light duty warm weather single track. Went with a build around a Cross frame mostly for the ability to run a canti/mini vee brake set-up and to have a lot of flexibility ar ... Read More »

Farewell winter photo dump

Looks like they took the rest of the snow out of the forecast, so here's hoping we're good from here on out. Now, let's have some spring before summer this year, ok? [url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/girchygirchy/8603495201/][img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8397/8603495201_45ca7439bb_b.jpg[/im ... Read More »

Winter came back... waaaaa

Almost felt like spring a couple of weeks ago and since then we've had three snowfalls. Although they melt pretty quickly, they are interfering with my work plans. Yesterday I sat on the job site waiting on the inspector to look at the rough plumbing--promised to be there between 9 and 11:00 a ... Read More »

Winter Storm Triton.

Okay, despite being a snow lover, I'm getting disenchanted with all these storms. Most of what we got last week melted in the past day, along with some rain, and there is minor flooding around here and in the garage :) Forecast is for 5-9" of new snow. I am starting to long for the warm sun upon my ... Read More »

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