Campagnolo Heritage Socks

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Add the final garment to your kit with the Campagnolo Heritage Sock. Designed with a top mesh to prevent toes from overheating and a reinforced toe and heel for durability, the Campy Heritage Sock eliminates the uncomfortable, clammy feel you get when your feet sweat as much as your forehead.

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Heritage Foudation: $15/hr fast food wage would cause a 38% increase in prices.

I've found the claim that nearly doubling what fast food employees are paid would not significantly increase prices to not be a very realistic expectation from a business with around a 3% profit margin. An average fast food restaurant generates a $27,000 profit on $821,000 in sales, according to th ... Read More »

RACISM: Heritage policy analyst thinks Hispanics are gentically inferior

[URL=""]Jason Richwine[/URL], formerly with the American Enterprise Institute and currently a Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, where he co-authored [URL=" ... Read More »

Anglo Saxon Heritage. Sigh.

You know, just when I think the Romney campaign couldn't get dumber, they find a new level of stupidity. I gotta tell you, my grandparents, who were both 100% Polish, positively bristled when they heard the term "Anglo-Saxon". My lovely wife is 100% not Anglo-Saxon, being a charming mix of Polish ... Read More »

National heritage and big government

One victim in the fight against big government is any commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812 by New York. For three years in a row, governors of New York [URL=""]have vetoed[/URL] ... Read More »

To the female rider on HW40/Heritage Sq today about noon

You are either a new rider, or a very clueless one (maybe both). I suggest taking a step back and rethinking the rules/ways of the road. Not a threat, but it is a real possibility you will be hit by a car, since I could have easily hit you today. Lucky for you I was aware and alert.Read More »

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