Cannondale High Socks

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The Cannondale High Cycling Socks feature a high cuff to actively protect your skin from the elements of riding. With lightweight, anatomically correct construction, structured cushioning at the footbed and dense cushioning at the heel and toe, these sock

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Runners / Bicycling High?

I was wondering if any of those that ride, high weekly miles ever experience the so called runner high? I know that I do on some harder long rides. The flip side of that is do you experience withdrawals? On a recent vacation I didn't take my road bike and only rode very casually ( beach area ... Read More »

Complete opposite of bonking, sugar high!

Yesterday I rode 108.6 miles in 7 hrs 28 mins, with an elevation gain of 8,025 ft, solo effort. I rode at a pretty casual pace because I anticipated to be on the bike a bit longer but some heavy rain started to roll in. Before I left I ate a small bowl of oatmeal, banana, and a small cup of black co ... Read More »

A rookie's observation: I cannot tell the difference between high-end roadbikes...

Besides components on these high end bikes (SRAM Red, Shimano Ultegra, Dura Ace, Campy Record, etc.), what I see are some very nice frames. They all appear aerodynamic, look almost the same except for logos, color schemes and some decorative angles. Other than that, it's like comparing Lexus, BMW, I ... Read More »

High quality clothing (jersey/bib) kits?

I just started riding and I only have 2 bibs and 2 jerseys... but Im finding myself riding about 5-6 days a week which in my mind... is kinda gross if I dont wash them every other day. But washing them every other day is a pita! So... One of those "kits" (I really dont know the proper name of the ... Read More »

Why am I not comfy at high speeds ?

Why am I not comfortable with downhill bomber runs on my road bike ? On my hybrid I have knocked on the 50mph door pretty hard with no fear. My road bike is another story I get around 35ish and I just feel unstable. The hybrid has 28mm tires inflated to 95psi on shimano wh-r501 24mm deep wheels, the ... Read More »

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