Cannondale Race Winter Socks

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Cannondale's Race Winter Sock is an ideal option for challenging rides in cold conditions. The micro-nylon construction an extra tall cuff provide great moisture regulation and plenty of coverage in chilly weather. Cannondale's natural antimicrobial foot bed offers odor resistance and additional features like built-in arch support a leftright specific toe box and strategic under foot padding ensure comfort mile after mile.

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don't race cross, but want cx bike for winter?

I'm really getting into riding gravel and rocks on some of the more recent excursions. I also need to pick up a winter bike, well, just because. LBS has a 2013 Ridley Xfire in my size, with disc. Do those badboys ice up when covered in slush and temps hovering 20F? Also cross seems to have a m ... Read More »

Winter race next weekend - booties or no?

I'm racing next weekend in "The Winter Classic". Forecast looks like about -5 celcius and snow. Course will likely be snow covered with a trail groomed into it for the race. I have MTB booties that allow almost full tread exposure. Would you wear them or HTFU for 45min?Read More »

I need help developing winter training plan with power. First race March 27, 2011

I'll make this short and sweet. I've been riding for 2 years as of 2 months ago. Just received my Powertap one week ago. Currently getting used to seeing wattage. Haven't done official testing yet, but training is testing, testing is training. I've read Hunter and Andy Coggan's bible, and am current ... Read More »

Winter Race Series in your Area: Need Info

Does your region/state have a winter race series? If so, how long does it last and how many races are in the series? Also, how do the numbers of participants compare to the early races (Sept-Dec)? I'm putting out feelers in my area on the interest factor of holding races in January and perhaps a wi ... Read More »

Winter training for spring race season (Newbie)

Hello all, this is my first post, and I tried to use the search function to find out as much as I could before asking, but I'm still not clear about everything, so here goes. I'm 5'8" and 165lbs which I think is a little heavy to be racing. I could probably stand to lose about 10 pounds at least, an ... Read More »

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