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Take advantage of Merino wool's natural wicking ability, odor resistance, and soft feel when you spin the pedals in a pair of Castelli Mezza Wool 9 Socks.

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1st wool jersey

A buddy gave me an old wool cycling jersey as a gift. A few questions: Is there any special caution I should take when laundering. I've had wool garments before and either got them dry cleaned (a suit) or washed them in the washer. After the wash, they came out all wrinkly and shrunken. Is han ... Read More »

ins and outs - polyester or wool

Wool is a miracle fabric up until it absorbs a certain level of moisture. Polyester doesn't absorb water which is one reason hi-tech fibers will tend to pass moisture through the fabric. However, cycling can often generate enough heat and sweat to overwhelm any fabric. I've been using merino wool a ... Read More »

Cycling clothes mainly wool, but some lycra

Hi. I'm getting ready to purchase some cycling clothes mostly of the wool variety. I was planning to purchase a rain jacket, a wool jersey, and lycra shorts. The questions I have are these: 1. Is there any difference between a rain jacket and a cycling jacket if both are advertised as breathab ... Read More »

Cool place for handmade cycling art, wool Winter caps and more.

I knew about this on line handmade hosting web site for a while. Just a heads up for anyone interested in something that isn't mass produced. [url=]cycling on Etsy, a global handmade and ... Read More »

Wool socks in the heat

Just a quick plug for wool socks in hot weather. Rode yesterday in 85 degrees and humidity with a pair of DeFeet Blaze wool socks (blend of wool and stretchy stuff) , and my feet were cool and dry. I had been using some other kind of synthetic blend socks in hot weather, but I found the wool ones ... Read More »

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