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Craft Zero Bike Socks

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Product Description

Some may think that to say the Craft Zero Bike Socks are perhaps the perfect socks for nearly any activity would be overstating the issue. Of course, if anyone out there has been lucky enough to wear them, then they may be more persuadable. And if you've actually used these socks in competition, for instance, you'd surely join us in trumpeting their superiority. For us to say they're among the best socks we've ever worn is not hyperbole, it's a statement of fact.The Craft Zero Bike Socks are made from the astounding Craft Zero fabric. This means that their moisture control and temperature balance are second to none. The socks are thin enough that you can wear them even on 90 degree days in July, but they also keep your feet so well protected that you can feel comfortable riding with them in the dead of winter. Ergonomically placed pressure zones have been incorporated to give the foot optimum support without cutting off the circulation to your toes. Similarly, the wide lycra cuffs are intended to keep the sock form-fitted and in place.The Craft Zero Bike Socks are available in Black and come in sizes Small through X-Large.

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